Death of a GT-40 long-block
(or how I blew it...up)
Getting into the car
Clutch Adjustment
(when the factory adjustment method just doesn't take out the slack)
73mm Caliper Rebuild
(swapping pistons)
Electric lube transfer pump
(for transmission fluid, rear gear lube..)
Steering wiper stalk conversion
(adapting the newer stalk to the older cars)
Steering Rack Installation
(how to)
Strut Adapter Plate
(use those early struts with later spindles)
Tremec information
(assorted stuff)
Windage Tray Installation
(installing Ford's tray in a 302)
Moroso oil pan installation
(Pictures and story on the install)
5-volt regulator circuit for Mustangs
(more accurate than the factory part)
Information on ROTOR RUNOUT
(misc trivia and info)
13 inch brake conversion information
(real brakes)
Brake Duct installation
(cooling the real brakes)
Bulge style lugnuts
(Lugnut selection for my Cobra wheels)
Power Steering Wrench
(A special home-bent wrench for those hard to get at fittings)
Open Track Event story
July 8&9 at WGI
NADY Intercom rewiring
( how to put a stronger cable on the headset )
Bearing Saver
(save the cost of an axle)
Griggs Radiator with Electric Fan and Overflow Bottle
(all bolted together for easy removal)
T-bird Lower Control Arms Installation (w/Bump Steer kit)
(how to gain camber)
Bump Steer Kit
(parts data)
Assorted brake line adapters
(from various sources)
Front Coil Over Kit
(pictures and comments)
VIR with the Mazda Drivers Associations
(Event Report)
Tire Snake
(The kind found on the track)
'89 Ford E-150 Fuel Tank Selector Valve
'89 E-150 Radiator Replacement
(things that make you go hummmm....)
Horsepower !!
(too much?)
Master Cylinders, Adapters and Calipers info
(assorted stuff)
Molded Heater Core Bypass Hose
(good for open trackies or leaky heater cores)
Heat Protectors for Plug Boots
(How to make the plug boot survive)
Steering Rack Limiters
Air Tank Quick Fill Adapter
(How to fill that portable tank)
Adjustable Spring Perch Rear Lower Control Arms
(to lower the rear of the car)
ABS Repair on a 2000 Explorer
(Rear sensor replacement)
Power Steering Pump Extender
(An "Escort" solution)
Gas Tank Removal/Fuel Pump Replacement
(Bad Fuel pump)
Gas Tank Fuel Pump Access Panel
(No more tank pulling)

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