Windage Tray Installation 
into a 5.0 1986 Mustang GT: notes
1-windage tray (author used the unit)
1-5.0 liter Mustang engine
6 quarts of oil
1 filter
1 oil pan gasket
rod and main bearings optional
engine hoist
assorted wrenches and sockets
drip pans, funnels, etc
engine stand (optional)
car stands
large hammer
electrical tape
1.  Remove engine from car
2.  Remove pan from engine
3.  Remove oil pickup tube from oil pump
4.  OPTIONAL:  swap in new bearings on main and/or rods
5.  Remove tray from box
6.  Remove rectangular piece of metal from tray with cutting 
    wheel or other tool at location directed by instructions 
    included with the tray.
7.  Remove bolts holding the main bearing caps on two of the mains. 
    Reinstall new bolts provided with tray. Torque to spec.
8.  Bolt windage tray to new double ended main bearing cap bolts 
    installed above.
9.  Test fit oil pickup tube. alter Windage tray cutout hole (see 6 above) 
    necessary to allow pickup to fit properly.
10  Test fit oil pan.
11  Beat oil pan with large hammer to get clearance for tray
12  Test fit dipstick. trim as necessary. bend as necessary. swear never to 
    take it out again.
13  Bolt everything back up and reinstall
	You gotta take the engine out. Do bearings if you need them or other 
	items as appropriate while it is out. I replaced rod bearings as they 
	showed evidence of "excessive loading at high rpm's", as the book called it. 
	it couldn't have been all those hours at the tracks above 4000 could it? 
	eh? nawwwww...
	the tray itself was the easy part. It bolts up after you cut a hole in 
	the side for the mounting flange that supports the oil pickup tube. test 
	that and then you can bolt up the bottom end. the kit has bolts and the 
	drawing showing the location of the hole. cutting wheel did it fine.
	Its the other stuff. the pan was a touch too shallow at the point where 
	it crosses over the k-member and hit the windage tray.  I just beat the 
	oil pan to give it a little curvature for clearance.  the "oil level sending 
	unit" that fits in the pan to tell you when it was low has got to go. Again, 
	a large hammer.  The dipstick hits the tray. I cut off part of the end. 
	It still reads the same, its just shorter. and still hard to get in.