Gas Tank removal
Fuel Pump Installation

The Mustang started stumbling at idle after it was run for a period of time.  Sometimes it  would not idle and would quit altogether.  After you let it set for awhile, it would run again.  When it was dead, turning the key to on produced a very low whine, not like the normal fuel pump whine I would usually hear.  My diagnosis, overheating fuel pump.  Time for a replacement.

I used the ramps to get the car up high enough to yank the tank.  They are just a set of 2 x 10 bolted together to make a ramp.  Handles on the sides make them easier to move.

I pumped all the fuel I could out of the tank.  I estimated about 80 pounds were removed, leaving about 1 or 2 gallons left.

Gasoline weighs 8 pounds a gallon approximately. 

Easy job, just have to remove the straps and disconnect the wiring and the inlet pipe.
Unscrew the bolt holding the inlet pipe support bracket and slide the bracket up and out of the way.
Unplug the wiring at the rear center of the tank.
Support the tank then remove the two straps.
A magnet makes getting the pin put of the strap hanger easy.
Jiggle/work the tank to slide the inlet out of the donut gasket.  A touch of WD-40 makes this easier, especially during reassembly. 

Do not let the tank drop as you could rip the hoses out of the tank.

Examine and replace if necessary.

Let the tank drop onto a support so not to stress the feed and return hoses on the top of the tank.
The feed, return and the vent tubes/hoses.  Disconnect. 

Watch out for dripping fuel.

Removed tank.  Blow all the trash/dirt off the top of the tank before you disassemble.
Remove the locking ring and remove the pump assembly.  You will have to rotate it as you work it out.
The fuel strainer on the bottom of the pump catches some trash also.
The pump assembly and the replacement pump.  Note the direction of the fuel strainer as you will need to reassemble it in the same orientation.
Unbolt the upper part of the bracket.
Disconnect the wires and the fuel line.  Now is the time to replace the fuel line if it looks at all suspect.  5/16 fuel hose will do it.

Pay attention to the wire hookup.  Don't reverse them.

The reassembled pump assembly.
Clean and apply some dielectric grease during reassembly.
The rest is just reassembling in the reverse of the disassembly.  Fill with gas and turn the key on and off several time to prime the system.
Safety Note:  Gasoline is a flammable substance.  Use caution when working around it.  I do not provide all the safety procedures necessary in this article, or in any of my articles.  It is up to you to determine what safety steps you should take.