(note: this has been effective for the 86/87 years clutch pedal system
but has not been verified on one of the newer cars.)
The Factory way as per book........ 
* Pull up on the clutch pedal with left toes 
* and then push it all the way to the floor. Somewhere in there, you're
* supposed to hear a click, and the slack is taken up (according to the
* manual).  Repeat as necessary to remove free play.
The manual way..........
1) Wear loose clothing. 
2) have a small piece of wood, about 1/2 x 2 x 1 unless you have 
	strong thumbs and fingers.
3) Slide the seat all the way back. 
4) get into the car so you are on your back, looking up at the underside
	of the dash, with the top of your head near the firewall,
	and the gas pedal near your left ear.
5) Look up at the top of the gas pedal. follow it up toward the underside
	of the dash.
6) Locate the rods that pivot when the gas pedal is pushed.
7) just aft of that area is a white piece of plastic. kinda looks like
	a block with a "hook" on the bottom side (facing you)
8) Push your clutch in with your hand. That piece of plastic should move.
9) using your small piece of wood, use the wood to push that small
	piece of white plastic up. While exerting force on the white
	plastic piece, depress your clutch pedal. Hold the white
	plastic in place and release the clutch. You should hear a "click"
	if you were able to hold the plastic piece "up".
	That click is the adjuster taking slack out of your cable.
10) adjust until you like the position of the pedal when it engages the
	clutch pressure plate. You can feel the force rise over
	just taking up the slack/free play.
CAUTION!!! If you make the adjustment too tight, you can cause the clutch to
be in a "slipping" mode, causing extra heat, and extreme wear. This will
lead to an untimely death of the clutch.
YMMV, and all usual disclaimers on this one!