ABS Sensor on a 2000 Ford Explorer

Got a ABS dash light the other day. Brakes worked, but no ABS.

After searching/Googling the net, I found several threads discussing the rear sensor as being the most likely culprit. I visited the local dealer and purchased one ($20 I think) and installed it.

You don't have to raise the vehicle to unbolt it. Its on top of the rear center section held in place with a 10 mm bolt. Unbolt it, pop off the connector. I put some dielectric on the connector and on the oring (on the sensor) then reinstalled it.

The dash light immediately went off without driving the vehicle. 

That is the ideal description. Mine was a bit more painful. As I tried to work the sensor out, and heard a snap.  The housing protecting the coil broke off the body of the sensor.  I had to raise the back end of the vehicle and get it high enough so I could see the offending area.   A bit of the o-ring and the housing were extending out of the fitting of the center section.  I was able to work out the o-ring, then gently grab the plastic body and pull it out.  Whew.  I didn't want to drain the rear axle and pull the cover of the diff to push it out from the inside.