Lower Control Arm Installation

    After installing the 94 spindles (Cobra front brakes) on my 86 Mustang, I found that I lost lots of camber.  There was one side I couldn't get negative even with CC plates.  I wasn't in favor of slotting the struts, so I went looking for another way.  I chose longer lower control arms. 

    The 87-88 T-bird has arms about .75 longer, while the SN95 arms are about 1.5 longer, per side.  My feeling was that 1.5" was too much, so I chose the T-bird arms.

  These are the 86 arms vs the 87 T-bird arms

While doing the change out, I installed urethane bushings and some of the Steeda X2 ball joints.  
The install went as usual.  Rip out the brakes, struts and springs.  Remove the old arm, install the new.  Note that with the longer arm I had to relocate the mounting hole for the sway bar end link.  I just measured and redrilled.

With the X2 ball joints raising the height of the spindle, to keep the same ride height I installed a provided spacer on top of the spring.  However, with the longer arms, I still lost a bit of height.  I'll do some coil overs later to get it back.
After bolting everything together I realized that the threads going into the outer tie rod were not engaging too much.  I looked into several solutions and decided to purchase a kit instead of piecing things together.  I purchased a Steeda bump steer kit to get a longer assembly.  Hopefully I'll see some benefits from the bump steer part also.

Another item, most of the bumpsteer kits require you drill the steering arm on the spindle for a 5/8 bolt.  I didn't want to do that so the Steeda kit is made with a tapered stud like the original.  Below you can see a stock piece and the Steeda parts.

I do believe this should give me the camber I wanted.  The tires were leaned in so far I had to stand them back up with the CC plates so I can get it to the shop.  I'll post the results after I get an alignment.

Control Arm Info

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Just for ease of reference purposes. None of this is my effort

Source Fox T-bird SVO Turbo T-bird SN-95
Front Lower Control Arm Lengths According to the Mathis Book Mustang GT 13.00" 86-88 Thunderbird 13.75" SVO 14.00"    
From the RRAX archives (Ryan M, Paul, Tom S and others) Fox Mustang 13.00"

Fox Capri 13.00"

87-88 Thunderbird V8 13.75" Moves lower arm forward SVO 14.00" 87-88 Thunderbird Turbo 14.50" Fox style ball joint, Moves lower arm forward SN95 Mustang 14.50"
Steve Smith Book 79-86 Fox Mustang 13.00"

89-93 Fox Mustang 14.00"

    "87 and 88 Turbo coupe are the same length as 94 and newer arms but the ball joint is fox style, The 99 and newer arms have a reconfigured back side (thinner) to allow more tire clearance and if rack limits are removed, a 10 % tighter turning radius and redesigned bushings"  

This kit enables owners of 1994-04 Mustangs to upgrade to 2003 Cobra Mustang control arms. The kit features (2) front lower control arm assemblies with 50% stiffer rear bushings and low friction ball joints. This control arm has a redesigned stamping to improve the turning circle approximately 10% on 1994-98 Mustangs.