Smokey Cat

Smokey was born about August 1st 2004 and joined us early October. He came to us via a family in southern Maryland.  After Rambo and Snowball passed away, I wasn't sure when I would get another cat.  I guess the time was right. 

Smokey's first bath.  (11/13/04)    Kitty Eyes are Smiling  Video

A race car disguised as a cat.  If I could harness his bursts of energy I could power the house.  (10/7/04)
Sitting pretty....... (10/7/04)
Upside down seems to be one of his favorite positions.  (10/7/04)
He likes to sleep on Ava's hair.  Probably because he came home from southern Maryland on her shoulder the whole 4 hour trip.  (10/8/04)
A sleeping cat.  (10/23/04)

Getting bigger.  (10/23/04)

something about the camera that spooked Smokey (11/6/04)

He can now reach the top of the pole (11/6/04)