Dead longblock pictures
(click on the images for a bigger view)

valve.jpg (4956 bytes) This is the #4 exhaust valve I picked out of the oil pan
number 4 piston.jpg (21062 bytes) Chunks of the #4 piston
number 7 piston.jpg (19541 bytes) The remainder of the #7 piston after the rod ripped out the bottom.
number 7 rod.jpg (14466 bytes) The #7 rod
gravel.jpg (33539 bytes) The rest of #4 and #7 pistons
windage tray.jpg (22135 bytes) The windage tray
crank 3 & 7.jpg (29776 bytes) Number 7 piston (on top) and the #3 (on the bottom.)
block.jpg (28975 bytes) The block with #4 cylinder on the left. Yeah, the one missing the piston...
head.jpg (33488 bytes) The #4 cylinder.  That is the #4 exhaust that is missing.